The Landmark Campaign

Thanks to the generosity of so many in the Vanguard Community, construction is underway on the new large-scale monument sign and adjoining fence line and landscaping. The project is anticipated for completion in March 2022. 

The Landmark Campaign project includes: 

  • At over 20 feet tall, the Vanguard University monument sign will be visible from the 55 freeway, Fair Drive and Newport Blvd., effectively becoming a permanent billboard for the University. 
  • New fencing and landscaping – featuring approximately 1,430 linear feet of pilaster and wrought iron security/perimeter fencing, 1,600 linear feet of landscape area, 21 new accent trees and new irrigation and lighting – will flank the monument sign, beautifying and securing the campus perimeter. 
  • A new dedicated check-in location will enable Vanguard to screen and track visitors to campus, better ensuring the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visiting friends.