Member List

The Visionary

David and Jerri Adams
Larry ’86 and Laura Allbaugh
Donald ’52 and Evelyn ’49 Boyce
Steve ’88 and Lisa ’89 Castle
Jay and Jennifer Crowell
Brian and Erin ’02 Donovan
Kyle Ferguson ’95
Wesley and Polly Hale
Duane and Donna Hart
Paul Heath ’55
Bonnie and John Livingston
Hal ’73 and Deborah McNaughton
Howard and Carolyn McOwen
Donovan ’99 and Christina ’98 McReynolds
Barry and Karen Meguiar

Karen and Joe Moderow
Jeremy ’97 and Donna ’96 Moser
Jeff ’88 and Kendra Motske
Roger and Gloria ’67 Needham
Ross ’08 and Laura ’08 Nelson
David ’07 and Adele Oddo
Dale and Joni Oquist
Erik ’01 and Jenny Paulson
Martin and Jan Pickett
Ray ’03 and Judy ’03 Rachels
Donn and Judy Rediger
Peter and Katie Szyman
Thomas and Karen Taillon
Fred ’80 and Ruth Waugh
Ken and Shirley Westbrook
Jack and Jerre White

The Defender

Hugo and Irene Aviles
Michael ’81 and Faith Beals
James and Judy Bergman
David Davis and Angela ’97 Carlson-Davis
Morgan and Sandy Davis
Tony and Sharron Elias-Calles
Vonnie Franks ’65
Joel and Annette Fruehan
Brad Graves
Amanda Griffith
Rich ’78 and Coni ’79 Guerra
Bill and Gwyn Hoyt
David Hunt ’86 and Talitha Poulson-Hunt ’88

Peter and Engelina Jansema
Danica McKellar
David and Darrellyn Melilli
Robert and Margaret Miller
Stephen and Kathy Novarro
Linda Prinn
Daniel Rands
Judy Ricks
Ryan ’95 and Lori ’97 Seidel
Paul Stankan
Richard ’66 and Joy ’67 Varnell
Floyd and Atha Westbrook
Mark and Claire Wright
Ken Yasuhara ’80

The Advocate

Fred and Sharla Barlow
Michael Boblit
Patrick and Sheila Buttes
Randy ’85 and Kathy Conner
Eoin and Lettie ’76 Cowie
Winton ’65 and Shirley ’65 Felt
Richard and Irene Israel
Shane ’10 and Kim ’10 Jacksteit
Nicole Johnson ’09
Robert and Nancy Kuppenheimer
Janet Landstrom
Pete ’87 and Virginia Menjares
David Moderow
Andrew Morris
Leonard ’67 and Nevelyn ’65 Morris
William and Patricia Podlich
Ludmila Praslova

Evan ’03 and Shannon ’03 Regenstreif
Frederick Reiser ’08
Michelle Sanchez ’99
Thomas Shirey ’83
Craig ’74 and Joy Snider
Rocky and Holly Soliday 
Brett ’87 and Nancy Souza
James and Helen Steinkamp
Dani Stockham
Philip and Yolanda ’69 Struyk
Michael and Nicole ’95 Suydam
Stephan ’82 and Diana ’83 Sykes
Ed and Cindy Westbrook
Michael ’83 and Diane ’83 Wilson
Bill and Barbara Yingling

The Champion

Susan Abbott
Jonathan ’88 and Karla ’91 Allbaugh
Michael Amling
Catherine Antone
Michelle Armenta
Cyril Bahadoor
Tim ’89 and Lisa ’88 Bahadoor
Kimberlee Barnett
Donald Baumgartner
Robert ’65 and Ruth ’65 Bayley
Kevin Bland
Howard ’08 and Marissa ’05 Booker
Renea and Joy Brathwaite
James Bray
Jean Brobeck Vance
Jill Brown
The Family of Coach Ted Browne
Jack and Carolyn ’96 Burns
Jeff and Nicole Bussell
Ruth Campbell
Arthur ’58 and Shirley ’58 Cannon
Mike and Laura Capo
The Curt Carson Family
Shree Carter ’90
David and Debra Case
Marty Burbank and Seon Chun-Burbank
Chris and Christy Conner
Thomas Corrado
Pamela Crenshaw ’92
Sally Crockett
James and Cheryl Dale
Jerry and Roberta Dauderman
Russ Davis
Daniel ’93 and Kristine de Leon, Jr.
Donald DeBoer
Mark ’90 and Nancy ’91 Deushane
Willem and Judy Dogterom
Phil ’55 and Marlene Dunaway
Chris ’04 and Lauren Dunkel
Bruce ’90 and Christy ’91 Durkee
Trish and Chip Fisher
Brian and Betsy ’02 Furukawa
Shannon Gaunt
Tessa Gilton ’07
Cynthia Giumarra
Matt and Alaina ’04 Gjertsen
Robert and Janis Glaus
Nathan ’00 and Heather Gonzales
Eldon ’64 and Carol ’63 Grauberger
Douglas and Brenda Green
Lane ’13 and Jayna ’13 Greenleaf-Perez
Jeffrey ’92 and Cheryl ’89 Greer
David ’76 and Lisa ’77 Gutel
Brian and Theresa Hadley
Mark ’85 and Cindee Heath
Kevin and Deborah Heenan
Samuel ’62 and Judith ’64 Higgins
Robert ’95 and Angela ’96 Hobbis
Daniel ’03 and Galina ’05 Holechek
Robert and Janice ’64 Holt
Rosemary Jackson ’84
Kim Johnson and Mike Fecht
David and Jean Kaiser
Michael J. Kartsonis
Kendall ’90 and Kristina Kasper
Janette Kassis
Angus and Traci ’88 Kennedy
Wendy Kliewer ’80

Jeff Lightner
Dennis ’69 and Ginger ’70 Lindsay
Christopher and Helen Louis
Gary Mack
Shane Madanski
Larry ’79 and Kristen Mantle
John and Ronda Martin
Peter Martinez
Justin ’98 and Joelle ’00 McIntee
Ryan McNamara
Cecil ’84 and Liesel ’84 Miller
Bill and Gail Mock
Ray and Sandra Moran
Jean ’79 and Sandra ’08 Morgan
Alvin ’83 and Debora Moser
Sharon Mutschler ’97 in memory of Kent Mutschler ’65
Dan ’57 and Dorene ’56 Myers
Tyrone Myles ’86
Sergio ’10 and Janice Navarrete
Michael ’68 and Mary Ellen Newcomb
Sara Northcutt ’04
Ryan and Johanna Oddo
Perry Passaro
Michael ’80 and Deborah ’79 Peters
Michael ’85 and Michelle ’85 Peterson
James Peugh ’02
John and Marsha ’00 Placencia
Peter ’96 and Whitney Prettyman
Joshua Prince
Albert and Deidre Pujols
Lowell and Christine ’15 Renold
James Righeimer
Phillip ’64 and Sharolyn ’65 Robinette
Glenn and Jill ’84 Robinson
John ’95 and Kimberly ’01 Rogers
Jill Rolls
Jacqueline Anderson and Steven Rose
David Ross ’00
Glenn ’75 and Barbi ’74 Rouse
Kristina Sachs
John and Stefanie Sandberg
Bill and Lisa Scherer
Levi ’06 and Rachael ’16 Seekins
Michael Shull ’64
Helen Sowell
Brenda Springer ’99
Bonni and Dave Stachowiak
Bart and Deborah Thomsen
Richard ’72 and Gloria ’78 Tizzano
Anne Toro ’88
David Toro ’89
Ray ’74 and Carol Umbaugh
Daniel Van Hoff ’06
James and Kearin Van Lare
Keith and Stacey Webster
Howard ’87 and Kathy Wellema
Aaron ’05 and Morgan ’14 Westbrook
April Westbrook ’98
Danny Whaley
George and Judith ’73 Whittinghill
Mary Wickman
Kenneth and Brenda Lou Williams
William and Alma ’83 Williams
John Wilson
Sandy Wilson ’99
Kevin ’04 and Heather Withers
David ’85 and Margot ’85 Woodworth
Kevin and Geanene Yriarte
Dylan Zell