Member List


Bakersfield First Assembly  
Calvary Assembly of God, Ridgecrest  
Calvary Community Church, Norwalk   
Elsinore First Assembly   
Faith Chapel, Spring Valley  
General Council Assemblies of God  
Iglesia La Trinidad, San Fernando  
Imperial Valley Faith Assembly   
Living Word Assembly, Chino   
Lynnfield Calvary Christian Church  
Mesa Church 

Nations Church Los Angeles  
New Hope International Christian Center  
New Life Community Church, Hawthorne  
North Hills Church, Brea  
Northeast Assembly of God, Fresno  
Peoples Church, Fresno  
Refinery Church, Fresno   
SoCal Network AG  
South Coast Christian Church  
Valley Life Church, El Centro

Organizations and Foundations

American Honey
Armour Properties
Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo
Avila’s El Ranchito Restaurant
Byers Family Foundation
Colbi Technologies, Inc.
The Crean Foundation
Don and Maxine Judkins Family Foundation
DPG Investments
Enterprise Holdings
Farmers & Merchants Bank
Full Gospel Educational Fund
HealthySpace LLC
The Hexberg Family Foundation
In-N-Out Burger
J.B. Trailer Service, Inc.
James L. Stamps Foundation

Morgan Stanley
Las Vegas Towel & Tissue
The Law Office of Bruce R. Durkee, APC
LMC Management Group
National Christian Foundation California
Oddo Family Foundation
Orange County Community Foundation
Plus Minus, Inc.
Regency Lighting
Ringler Associates San Marcos, Inc.
Robert and Bernarda Neal Foundation
Samueli Foundation
Snider Services, Inc.
Soroptimist International
Systems Waterproofing
Temarco Sales, Inc.

Individuals and Families

Susan Abbott
Larry ’86 and Laura Allbaugh
Michael Amling
Steven and Kandi Anema
Catherine Antone
Jeffrey and Karen Armour
Gene and Diane Arnold
Stephen Asmuth
Maria Elena Avila
Stella Ayo-Odongo
Cyril Bahadoor
Elizabeth Banks
Donald Baumgartner
Robert ’65 and Ruth ’65 Bayley
Michael ’81 and Faith Beals
James and Judy Bergman
Kevin Bland
Peter Bohlinger
Howard ’08 and Marissa ’05 Booker
Daniel and Rebecca ’76 Borjas
Melanie Bracamontes
Fernanda Brady
Jean Brobeck Vance
Jane and Jerry Brown
Jill and Ben Brown
The Family of Coach Ted Browne
Michael and Kathleen Browne
Marty Burbank and Seon Chun-Burbank
Jack and Carolyn ’96 Burns
Jeff and Nicole Bussell
Ruth Campbell
Mike and Laura Capo
Ralph and Marvella Carmichael
The Curt Carson Family
Shree Carter ’90
Tommy ’94 and Asenath ’04 Casarez
Mark Casas
John Ceballos-Rivera ’84 and Carola Jonsson
Randy ’85 and Kathy Conner
Matthew Coury
Eoin and Lettie ’76 Cowie
Jay and Jennifer Crowell
Gabe and Katie Dahlstrom
James and Cheryl Dale
James and Amanda Darlack
David Davis and Angela ’97 Carlson-Davis
Morgan and Sandra Davis
Daniel ’93 and Kristine de Leon, Jr.
Douglas and Claudia Degelman
Nader Dejbakhsh
Mark Delucia
Linda Denicola
Willem and Judy Dogterom
Brian and Erin ’02 Donovan
Jill and Frank Dopp
Kirk and Marilee Dorn
Phil ’55 and Marlene Dunaway
Chris ’04 and Lauren Dunkel
Jake and Laurie Easton
James and Helen Eckmann
Tony and Sharron Elias-Calles
Chip ’05 and Lisa ’02 Espinoza
Winton ’65 and Shirley ’65 Felt
Kyle Ferguson ’95
Francisco Fernandez
Trish and Chip Fisher
Cathy Fletcher
Garth and Claudia Flint
Reniero Fransisco
Evelyn Freed
Stew Fried
Emory ’62 and Kathleen Frink
Brian and Betsy ’02 Furukawa
Joy Gabriel
Ron Galey
Laura Galloway
John and Kelly Galvin
Robert and Janis Glaus
Cindy Godina
Nathan ’00 and Heather Gonzales
Joan and Steve Graham
Gary and Sonja Gray
Douglas and Brenda Green
Rich ’78 and Coni ’79 Guerra
David ’76 and Lisa ’77 Gutel
Brian and Theresa Hadley
Duane Hadley
Wesley and Polly Hale
Maria Hall-Brown and Jeffrey Brown
Ryan and Jill Hartwig
Nels Hawkinson
Kip and Debbie Hearron
Mark ’85 and Cindee Heath
Ronald and Rowena Hebert
Kevin and Deborah Heenan
Maria Hernandez
Jesse Hertstein ’97
Rachel Heuser
Rolland Heuser
Samuel ’62 and Judith ’64 Higgins
Jen Hogan
Ronald Howard
Bill and Gwyn Hoyt
Dean ’60 and Claudia Hundsdoerfer
David ’86 and Talitha ’88 Hunt
Emmanuel Hyppolite ’11
Richard and Irene Israel
Rosemary Jackson ’84
Bryan and Kayla Jacquot
Peter and Engelina Jansema
Bill Jareell
Eric and Tivoli Jensen
Joe Jewell
Nicole Johnson ’09
Kim Johnson and Mike Fecht
Andrew Johnston ’16
Amy Jungkeit ’11
David and Jean Kaiser
Kendall ’90 and Kristina Kasper
Janette Kassis
Angus and Traci ’88 Kennedy
Byron and Lois ’95 Klaus
Wendy Kliewer and Roger Novak
Robert ’09 and Holly ’10 Knutsen
Ngoc Hong Lam

Tyler Larsen
Brooke Lerum
Adam Lewis
Melvin and Lisa Lim
Bonnie and John Livingston
Danielle and Colin Logan
Blake Long
Gary Mack
Shane Madanski
James and Cheryl Madden
Jennie Mann
Larry ’79 and Kristen Mantle
Janice Mantzel ’71
Marilyn Maron
Tyler and Lauren ’07 Mascaro
Joseph Matta
Katherine McCaffrey
Sara McCartan
Lauren McGunigale ’11
Justin ’98 and Joelle ’00 McIntee
Donald McMaster
Ryan McNamara
Howard and Carolyn McOwen
Donovan ’99 and Christina ’98 McReynolds
Darlene Melendres
David and Darrellyn Melilli
Cecil ’84 and Liesel ’84 Miller
Ramon ’91 and Debra ’93 Miramontes
Karen and Joe Moderow
Leonard ’67 and Nevelyn ’65 Morris
Alvin ’83 and Debora Moser
Jeremy ’97 and Donna ’96 Moser
Jeff ’88 and Kendra Motske
Michelle Murphy
Tyrone Myles ’86
Mary Naber
Robert and Bernarda Neal
Ross ’08 and Laura ’08 Nelson
Michael ’68 and Mary Ellen Newcomb
Ronald ’69 and Theresa ’70 Nipper
David ’07 and Adele Oddo
Richard Olmstead ’74
Dale and Joni Oquist
Jason B. Owyang
Mona and Jason Pappafava-Ray
Scot Patterson
Erik ’01 and Jenny Paulson
Karen Pecota ’78
Ron and Cathy Pegg
Michael ’85 and Michelle ’85 Peterson
James Peugh ’02
Philip ’57 and Reoyne Pirolo
William and Patricia Podlich
Lioudmila Praslova
Peter ’96 and Whitney Prettyman
Joshua Prince
Kevin and Joy ’99 Qualls
Ryan Quimby
Evan ’03 and Shannon ’03 Regenstreif
Ron and Roxann Regenstreif
Carl and Christine ’15 Renold
Shirley Reynolds
Shane Riddle
James and Lene Righeimer
Cecil and Patsy Robeck
Phillip ’64 and Sharolyn ’65 Robinette
Scott ’90 and Paulette Robinette
Glenn and Jill ’84 Robinson
Glenn ’75 and Barbi ’74 Rouse
Kristina Sachs
Alissa Sagud
Bill and Lisa Scherer
Michael Scioscia
Levi ’06 and Rachael ’16 Seekins
Ryan ’95 and Lori ’97 Seidel
Tom Shirey ’83
William and April Silvester
Mel Sims
Phillip ’67 and Deborah ’67 Sloan
Jennifer “JJ” Smith
Craig ’74 and Joy Snider
Russell Snider
Rhett and Kimberly Soliday
Brett ’87 and Nancy Souza
Helen Sowell
Brenda Springer ’99
Bonni and Dave Stachowiak
James and Helen Steinkamp
Philip and Yolanda ’69 Struyk
Michael and Nicole ’95 Suydam
Melinda Sweany ’93
Stephan ’82 and Diana ’83 Sykes
Thomas and Karen Taillon
Richard ’72 and Gloria ’78 Tizzano
Marilyn Tradewell
Mick and Louise Ukleja
Ray ’74 and Carol Umbaugh
Shyima Urquidez
Roger Urrabazo
James and Kearin Van Lare
Laura Vance
Richard ’66 and Joy ’67 Varnell
Steven ’85 and Renee ’88 Vinson
Jon Visel
Jeff Von Waldburg
Jay Wade
Janice Warner
Fred ’80 and Ruth Waugh
Howard ’87 and Kathy Wellema
April Westbrook ’98
Ed and Cindy Westbrook
Phillip and Pam Wheeler
Paul and Marilyn Whisenand
O. James ’60 and Patricia White
Jack and Jerre White
William and Alma ’83 Williams
Christopher Williams
Joan E. Williams
Constance Willis
Sandy Wilson ’99
Lewis Wilson
John Wilson
Kevin ’04 and Heather ’97 Withers
Kimberly Yim
Kevin and Geanene Yriarte
Linda Zepeda