Meet Michaila.

Facing financial uncertainties as a fully-independent student, Michaila’s journey at Vanguard began with questions: Would I be able to afford school? Would I belong here?

Faith opened doors for Michaila. Through scholarships and opportunities like serving as a spiritual formation student chaplain and being a College Corps fellow, she excelled academically and flourished spiritually. Her professors became pillars of support, guiding her through personal struggles and pushing her beyond her comfort zone to realize her full potential. 

The Lord has been so good to me in providing a way into Vanguard to stay all four years.”–Michaila

Now, as a senior majoring in sociology and theology, Michaila has seen remarkable transformations on campus–revival, salvation, and baptisms–and she knows that Vanguard is a place where lives are change and faith is deepened.  

Michaila’s Vanguard experience is a testament to the transformative power of a Christ-centered education. Because of the generosity of so many, our scholarships, academic programs, and student services ensure that more stories like Michaila’s are written on our campus.