Secure Vanguard’s Future Through Planned Giving

Vanguard University has a website dedicated to supporting those wishing to include VU in their estate plans or make planned giving arrangements. The website was designed to inform prospective donors on myriad aspects of long-term giving. Resources available on the new site include creating a bequest, defining beneficiaries, and up-to-date tax information.  

“The level of generosity we consistently experience from our community never ceases to amaze me or remind me of God’s favor on Vanguard,” said Vice President for University Advancement Justin McIntee. “Developing dedicated resources for helping alumni, donors, and friends of the University include Vanguard in their estate planning is a product of being asked how they can do just that. We’re overwhelmed to know that people want to bless Vanguard in such a personal way–and we’re honored and excited to be able to offer a platform that makes doing so easy.”  

“Vanguard’s future stability depends on growing a substantial endowment fund,” said Richard Varnell ’66. “Not only have Joy and I included Vanguard in our estate plan, we have had the opportunity to encourage others to do the same. My encouragement is for each alum to strongly consider including Vanguard in their estate plan. Those funds will be invested so that future generations can profit from a great education.“

Planned giving plays a key role in securing Vanguard’s future, as it ensures today’s donors can continue to support the University for years to come. Learn more about how you can add VU to your estate plan.