Vanguard University chair of the Foundation Board, Kendall Casper

Meet Kendall Kasper ’90, Incoming Foundation Board Chair

After a decade of service to Vanguard University as the Chair of the Foundation Board, Jeff Motske ’88 is passing the leadership of the board to Kendall Kasper ’90. A pastoral ministries major at Southern California College, Kendall played baseball for the Vanguards. He is now a commercial property and casualty insurance professional at Acrisure where he serves his clients by taking a personal approach in getting to know them while helping build a sound strategy for protecting their financial interests.  

Vanguard University Baseball Team 1990
Kendall Casper, Front Row Left

Kendall is actively involved in a variety of business groups and associations where he educates organizational leaders on risk management and insurance topics. He also serves at his church in Rancho Mission Viejo and is active in other organizations who are advancing God’s kingdom. He and his wife Kristina have three children and a granddaughter.

How were you different from when you started at VU than when you graduated?   
Vanguard University provided an environment that fostered spiritual development. Throughout my academic journey, I had the privilege of being mentored by incredibly strong Christian mentors. These mentors played a pivotal role in challenging and guiding me toward a deeper commitment to my faith. 

My time at VU not only provided me with a quality education but also served as a transformative period for my spiritual growth. The challenges, guidance, and support I received from my Christian mentors played a crucial role in into a deeper commitment to my faith by the time I graduated. 

What excites you about Vanguard University? 
The people. Vanguard has always been about amazing people. Whether it’s the students, faculty, staff, or board members, everyone at VU is inspiring, interesting, thoughtful, and fun to be around. 

What are you looking forward to accomplishing during your tenure as Chair of the Foundation Board?
Fostering unity. I am a collaborator and connector, and I believe that the Foundation Board can achieve great success by working together to leverage our collective resources. Rather than pursuing individual efforts, a unified approach will undoubtedly yield more significant accomplishments, harnessing the combined strength and expertise of everyone involved. 

How do you see Vanguard being on the rise?  
I agree with the sentiment that I’ve often heard: Vanguard University’s campus infrastructure is now aligning with the exceptional quality of its people. While Vanguard has always been home to remarkable individuals, the recent additions of new buildings and upgraded infrastructure reflect the same high caliber as the community it serves. The physical environment now complements the excellence of the people who make up the Vanguard community. 

Why do you choose to support Vanguard University?  
I support Vanguard because I whole heartedly believe in the mission, which is “to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith, and equip each student for a Spirit-empowered life of Christ-centered leadership and service.” I was invited to get involved on the Foundation Board by Jeff Motske ’88 [former Chair of the Foundation Board] a few years ago. Since that time, when I hear Justin McIntee ’98 [Vice President for University Advancement], Jeff, Dr. Michael Beals [Vanguard University President], and other leaders at Vanguard talk about the mission of Vanguard, I am genuinely excited and honored to play a part in that. 

Why did you choose to get involved at your alma mater?  
Vanguard played a crucial role in establishing the foundation of my faith, and I am excited to contribute to the university’s mission of providing the same transformative experience for current and future students. I believe in the impact of Vanguard’s role in shaping individuals spiritually, and I want to be actively involved in supporting the university in continuing this meaningful work. 

What are your hopes for VU?  
I envision Vanguard University expanding its influence in the Orange County community by producing resilient Christian leaders who contribute across various sectors of society. The evident awareness of VU among people reflects its current impact. I recall that when I graduated from SCC, mentioning the school often led to unawareness. However, now, when I proudly share that I graduated from VU, it’s uncommon to encounter individuals who aren’t familiar with the university, highlighting the growing recognition and impact of Vanguard in the wider community. 

How are VU students and alumni impacting our world for Christ?   
When reflecting on this question, two individuals come to mind—one whom I know well and another whom I haven’t had the privilege of meeting. Ron Bueno ’90, a dear friend from my time at VU, leads the impactful organization ENLACE. Through partnerships with local churches, ENLACE extends its reach to El Salvador, other Central American countries, and Nepal, addressing both the spiritual and economic needs of the communities it serves. Ron’s commitment to making a kingdom impact is truly inspiring.  
On a different note, there’s Bodie Kuljian ’15, whom I don’t personally know. Watching him on The Voice, I admired his unreserved expression of faith on a prominent platform. The comments from the show’s coaches underscored Bodie’s unwavering commitment to his beliefs. These examples, among many others, showcase how VU graduates are fearlessly influencing the world for Christ. 

How do you describe VU to people who are not familiar with it?  
Vanguard is a special place. It’s a small university where students get a great education in a Christ-centered, family environment. So, most students graduate with lifelong friendships that are characterized by a deep commitment to faith, values, and selfless support of one another.  

In three words, describe Vanguard University? 
Christ-centered. Courageous. Loving. 

How have you seen the Lord’s provision for Vanguard displayed? 
I have witnessed the Lord’s provision for Vanguard displayed in profound ways. First, the generosity of numerous donors has been instrumental in supporting Vanguard’s mission. These donors, through sizable financial contributions, have played a crucial role in enhancing the overall student experience at Vanguard. Additionally, the Lord’s provision is evident in the calling of dedicated leaders who are committed to advancing Vanguard’s mission and vision. The right leadership is fundamental in steering the institution toward its goal of bringing the Good News to the world.  
What is your prayer for VU?  
My prayer is that Vanguard will be known as an institution that is committed to Christ-centered values and advancing God’s kingdom. That the leadership of Vanguard would courageously speak truth and proclaim the good news even when faced with opposition from worldly cultural influences. 

The mission of the Vanguard University Foundation Board is to cultivate investment in the life of Vanguard University.  Comprised of alumni and friends, this group of committed volunteer leaders provide input and secure philanthropic support for the strategic priorities of the university. This meaningful work enhances the opportunity for students to pursue knowledge, cultivate character, deepen faith and to be equipped for a Spirit empowered life of Christ centered leadership and service.