Meet Aaron.   

Aaron is a second-year theology major who found his purpose at Vanguard. Before enrolling, he struggled to deepen his faith and build meaningful connections. Generous scholarship support provided him with dedicated faculty, a vibrant community, and an environment that nurtured his spiritual, athletic, and academic growth. As an outreach chapel apprentice with the Office of Spiritual Formation, a student-athlete with Cross Country, and a member of Vanguard’s prestigious College Corps program, Aaron is more confident than ever that he is where God has called him to be. 

Once I stepped into this community and I was able to see how the Lord was moving. The community spoke peace and confidence into my heart, understanding that I am here for a reason, and I am here to play a role into what God is doing here.” –Aaron  

Aaron is filled with excitement, anticipating the continued work of the Lord at Vanguard. “I know He’s not done yet,” said Aaron. Thank you for your impact on Aaron’s Vanguard experience as well as hundreds more like him.

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