• Kim (Webster ’10) and Shane ’10 Jacksteit

    Kim (Webster ’10) and Shane ’10 Jacksteit

    Kim and Shane are adamant that attending college doesn’t have to mean debt – and they’re committed to ensuring students can graduate debt-free, like them.

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  • Jamaal Lee ’18

    Jamaal Lee ’18

    After receiving a BA in psychology through Vanguard’s professional studies program, Jamaal went on to receive an MS in coaching and exercise sciences from Concordia University and was later hired at Orange Coast College (OCC) as the Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach and Athletic Mentor Faculty for Student Equity.

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  • Gregory Scott ’10

    Gregory Scott ’10

    “My heart is to help serve students at Vanguard through mentoring, advising and hopefully providing opportunities for students like myself who are reaching for the next level.”

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  • Emmanuel Hyppolite ’11

    Emmanuel Hyppolite ’11

    Emmanuel is a hard worker and an avid businessman. But being a businessman, says Emmanuel, does not mean forfeiting faith or the need to give back.

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  • Debby (Baeder ’04) and Chad ‘02 Chop

    Debby (Baeder ’04) and Chad ‘02 Chop

    With the 2021 baseball season underway, we met up with Dodgers batting coach Chad and his wife Debby to reflect on last year’s World Series win and how life in “the bubble” affected their family.

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